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Dianns Happy Tails Obedience Training: NUTRITION

Some of the very best; safest and proven pet products on the market. Diann is very careful about what she carries & has researched all products to the max. "If I wouldnt give it to my dog, I wont sell it to you for your dog!"

Samples are available of some products- just call (541) 480-6987 and ask Diann





WILD CALLING has hit the pet food industry with a big bang. They originally only carried canned food and with so many requests, they now carry dry kibble as well.

HEALTHWISE has been around for a long time, it is a brand that will help many with their pet food budget.

TUSCAN NATURAL has had great ratings, with pricing running in the middle of the road.

Each company has their own line of canned cat & dog food. Check them out at their websites and let me know what you think. Thank you!
I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Herbsmith Herbal Blends for Dogs & Cats




GREAT LIFE, FROMM PET FOODS, and many other high qualty foods are offered.

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Your privacy is respected. Diann's Happy Tails will not share your information with anyone, for any reason.

If you have gone to a pet store lately, even the grocery store and looked at all the pet foods, you can be so blown away at all the choices. Even more so if you have checked the internet and seen how many new foods are offered and how each one claims to be the best. The one question I am asked more than any training question, is “Which food is best? What should I feed my dog and how will I know it’s the right one?” That answer is: “There is not one food perfect for every dog.” I will say to do your research. Learn what the ingredients on the labels mean. Get referrals, and check out the food chat sites. The websites that promote their own food are of course going to be the ones that say theirs is best. I learn from them as far as what is in their foods, but not that they are the best. Each dog, just like humans, will respond to a certain food in a different way. Some dogs can’t tolerate chicken or other meat proteins, where another will thrive on it. An example of that is my own dog, Dante. Anything with chicken, chicken meal, even chicken fat way down the ingredient list will give him an ear infection. He does best on salmon and venison or bison meats.

Most of the cheap foods, the ones you find at the grocery stores are cheap for a reason. They are packed full of chemicals that are toxic. His coat, skin will be healthy looking, not dry and flaky. Eyes will be bright and clear, and he should have more energy. A good dog food will fill up your dog quicker and he’ll be more satisfied.

Things that are used as pesticides, to euthanize animals, and other chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer, kidney and liver failure. Don’t let the pretty packages fool you. The ones that make it look like your dog is eating better than you. READ & REREAD the label. The first 5 ingredients, minimum should be healthy meat sources, veggies, fruits, and healthy herbs: Pumpkin, probiotics, blueberries, apples, just to name a few. Some of the foods I’ve seen do not even have a meat source at all. Animal digest is just for flavor that is sprayed on the food so the dog will eat it. The humans will think, Great, found a food my dog loves” The poor dog has been tricked with the spraying of that animal digest.

Stay away from foods that list chemicals such as BHA. ***BHT**Propylene glycol, which is antifreeze and Ethoxyquin. These are just a few of the chemicals used as preservatives to keep the food fresh for a longer shelf life. Many pet food companies that mass produce their food by the thousands, must have a way that will keep a longer shelf life. Look for pet food that has natural presvatives like vitamins a, c, d, salmon oil, or other good source of oil.

Stay away from foods that have dies in it. This is not healthy, and your dog doesn’t care what color his food is. It is you the consumer the food is colored for.

Much of the wheat gluten, corn, soy, and animal byproducts will cause your poor dog to itch from dry flaky skin & have ear infections.

Anytime you see a bag that says “animal byproducts” put it down. This means that any animal, in any condition, sick, dyeing, spoiled, etc.. And any part of their body is labeled as: Animal byproducts” Now a pet food that says, “Chicken meal” or “Lamb Meal” Is just that. The animal is says that has been dried to take out the excess water and used in the food. This labeling is good and most good companies will use some form of animal meal, as long as it states what the animal. Also, food that labels a certain meat, chicken, Lamb, along with the “specified animal meal is common. Sometimes this is done within the first 5 to 10 ingredients. Grain free foods for example will have more meat. Either the animal meat named or the animal meal will be named. Grain free is a big controversy that will go on for years, maybe forever. Some believe their dogs should eat only grain free with high protein, others feel high protein is bad for their dogs. Read up on this in some of the sites below so you can choose for your own dog.

Reports have been made that some pet food companies go to rendering plants, plants where euthanized animals are sent and pay a fee to buy these dead animals and use in their pet foods. This does not have to be stated on the bag of food. Cheap is cheap for a reason.

The best way to choose and to know is learn as much as possible about the company you are considering buying from. Learn their history, how they make their food, what each ingredient has and what it means. End result is if you are trying to save money and buy cheap, your pet will suffer in the long run with higher vet bills, more health problems, and have a shorter life span. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive pet food. But, be careful. As for Grain Free, that is not as important as the company and quality of the pet food. Some dogs do great on Grain Free. When you hear Grain Free, from a good company, that means the grains are not the low quality corn, wheat and soy. But, every dog food has to have some grains. Good grains such as peas, potatoes, oatmeal, etc.. The good grains.

Check out the pet food companies online that are not well known, PETCUREAN, FROMM, CANINE CAVIER, and several others do not spend their money on advertising. They spend their money on good quality pet food. Some sites I have found to be very helpful are listed here, and as you do your research, you will discover more. If you have questions, contact me and I will do my best to walk you through this confusing issue.




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